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2016 Writing Habit: Let’s Write Some Children’s Books!

This is my 3 day check in on your 15 day writing habit. How’s it going? Have you been writing? Are you still gearing up?  If nothing else, you should develop a habit out of this practice. If you find yourself needing a bit more help in making your daily quota, here are some resources: [...]

Fresh New Editing Deals for SCBWI Members!

I have two new editorial deals for SCBWI members looking to shine up their projects. 1. Send me your 40,000-70,000 word novel and I will read it, edit it and take a look at your revision for $1800. 2. Picture Book writers, there’s something for you, too! I will help you complete your full picture [...]

The NESCBWI Conference

…was fun! This was the first conference I attended where I was solely representing myself (with the exception of my virtual appearance at the Paris SCBWI) and it was a lovely change. Not that I’m prone to saying anything outrageously controversial, but  it was refreshing to be able to talk about publishing and editing from [...]