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Rev Up Your Picture Book: Regain the Romance in Picture Book Revision

Are you past the honeymoon stage with your picture book? It was soooo good in the beginning, wasn’t it? You had a great idea–maybe the best idea ever. You wrote a manuscript–a really good one, you thought. You revised it, and then somewhere along the line….eh.  You stopped wanting to read it. You couldn’t bring [...]

Dialogue Tags: Just Say “Said”

…or asked. I’ve been thinking a lot about dialogue tags lately and how common it is for new writers to want to “mix it up.” It’s not necessary. If it’s not clear who is speaking and you need a tag, use the most straight-forward one:  ”asked” or “said” as needed. If it feels necessary to [...]

Grammar Pet Peeve of the Week: Dangling Participle

Uh oh! Your participle is dangling!  Isn’t that embarassing? It happens to a lot of us. In fact, I’ve noticed this mistake frequently enough that I thought it merited a little post. Grammar girl will give you a complete explanation of  the errant modifier and its ramifications. Essentially it’s when you modify a subject that’s not [...]

First Aid for Floundering Novels

Ann Jacobus at Hen and Inkblots has a great post of resources for writers in need looking for a little extra help.  Check it out. Also: (ONE MORE TIME!) Don’t forget to check out Truth and Publishing tonight at the Stonehouse. I hope to see you there!

Sentence by Sentence: The essence of good writing

It’s true that different authors have different virtues.  Memorable characters. Nonstop action. Intricate worlds. Long, rambling unwieldy sentences that fill an entire paragraph and make your reader forget what the idea was that you started with in the first place.  Well, actually, maybe we could skip that last one. Long sentences can be exciting. But [...]