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The Bone Season: Samantha Shannon’s Story

I always think it’s inspiring to hear about an author’s road to publication. Here’s Samantha Shannon talking about her first failed effort and eventual success with The Bone Season.


I’m a tad late in bringing this up, but it must be noted that George Orwell’s 1984 was at the top of Amazon’s list this week, with sales rising over 5,000%. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is #1 right now. I would love to know how many teachers are using Edward Snowden’s revelations as an [...]

Fresh New Editing Deals for SCBWI Members!

I have two new editorial deals for SCBWI members looking to shine up their projects. 1. Send me your 40,000-70,000 word novel and I will read it, edit it and take a look at your revision for $1800. 2. Picture Book writers, there’s something for you, too! I will help you complete your full picture [...]

What I’m Reading (or looking at): A Blog Roll

Dan Yaccarino has a post up about what he plays with in his studio. You have to love a guy who knows how to share his toys. Here’s a great interview with Laurel Snyder in PW about her new book,┬áThe Longest Night. Take note of her perspective on collaborating with an illustrator and the serendipity [...]

Truth And Publishing At Brooklyn Reading Works

If you want to get a good, clear-eyed view of writing and publishing, and you happen to be in Brooklyn on Thursday evening, please stop by the Stone House in JJ Byrne Park, on 5th Avenue between 3rd and 5th street. I will be there, enjoying the company and conversation of some literary luminaries–agents, fellow [...]