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Read this Poem by Bill Knott, and Buck the Trend

There’s a new study from the NEA which indicates that while reading in general is even with 2008, literature reading has dipped. “Literature” means, in this case, novels, short stories and poetry.  So, in response, I bring you this, courtesy of Poetry Foundation, by one of my all time favorite poets Bill Knott. He’s the [...]


Today is WH Auden’s birthday, and he is one of my faves. So, in honor of that, here he is reading “Musée des Beaux Arts.” Thanks to Englewood Review of Books for this gem.

Callooh Callay

Here’s a little more inspiration for poetry month. This is one of the first poems I remember my father reciting to me when I was a wee girl. What is one of your earliest memories of poetry?