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Big Birthdays! Picture Books about Darwin and Lincoln

This post is by no means comprehensive–that would be impossible. I am merely  presenting a few of my favorite picture books on two of my favorite figures in history–Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln–in honor of their birthday. I love Matthew Trueman’s illustrations and I wish he’d do more books. I’m glad he illustrated One Beetle Too [...]

What I’m Reading (or looking at): A Blog Roll

Dan Yaccarino has a post up about what he plays with in his studio. You have to love a guy who knows how to share his toys. Here’s a great interview with Laurel Snyder in PW about her new book, The Longest Night. Take note of her perspective on collaborating with an illustrator and the serendipity [...]

A Well-Edited Book Is A Happy Book

Recently there was a piece in The Millions outlining some reasons not to self-publish. In this particular author’s case, the reasons seem valid. However, reading this post confirms my fears that there are some misconceptions about Editorial Consultants and just what it is we do. I’d like to try to dispel a few of those [...]

5 Nonfiction Children’s Books that Are On My Xmas List

If you haven’t been paying attention to children’s nonfiction, you should be!  There is some really inventive stuff out there for all ages. When I started thinking about what I’d like to get for Christmas, I was amazed to find that nonfiction books had taken over my list. So I have generously decided to share [...]

3 Nonfiction Picture Books! What can we learn from them?

Writing a nonfiction picture book that can hold the attention of the squirmiest young reader is a skill to be admired. There are children, it’s true, who are just as happy cozying up with an almanac of dinosaurs as others might be with Curious George, but that’s not every child. How can an author simplify [...]