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New Year, New Children’s Book!: Fulfill Your Children’s Book Resolution

Isn’t  it convenient that the end of PIBOIDMO (Picture Book Idea Month) comes just a month before the New Year? That means you’re all set up to keep those resolutions to finally write that children’s book. At least, that’s the hope, right?  If you are still stuck, though, here are a few extra kicks in [...]

You CAN Judge A Book By It’s Cover…And Most People Do

This one is for all you self-publishers.  You have complete control over your book.  You get to decide not only what goes in between the covers, but what goes on them as well. That’s a fun and daunting prospect. The cover-design process at a publishing houses can be very fraught. There are lots of perspectives [...]

Dialogue Tags: Just Say “Said”

…or asked. I’ve been thinking a lot about dialogue tags lately and how common it is for new writers to want to “mix it up.” It’s not necessary. If it’s not clear who is speaking and you need a tag, use the most straight-forward one:  ”asked” or “said” as needed. If it feels necessary to [...]

Quiet Down: Moderating Your Narrator’s Voice

Acquiring Editors and Agents are always looking for a good voice in fiction. Now, there is a degree of subjectivity to this idea, but generally a good voice is one that you trust enough to stay with, even if the story pauses or takes an unexpected turn, and one that you enjoy listening to rattling [...]

Free Redwall for Kindle

Redwall is free for Kindle right now. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, so get it now! Thanks Bookshelves of Doom for letting us know.