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Tomi Ungerer

Somehow I missed the fact that there is a movie forthcoming about Tomi Ungerer. Here’s a fetching Weston Woods animated version of his story The Three Robbers. And here’s a little something about his process: Tomi Ungerer is a real live wire. His perspective is not for everyone. In fact, he left the country because [...]

Robert Weinstock

There’s a great Piboidmo post by Robert Weinstock over there at Tara Lazar’s blog, Writing Picture Books….And he’s talking about bottles. Kind of like the one that housed my wedding invitation which he designed for me. He didn’t cram anyone in there, though. Don’t worry. In case you didn’t know, Robert is, like, the star [...]

Wildwood and Laika

My friend Carson Ellis has a great post about a gift she received from Laika studios. Apparently, they are making an animated version of Wildwood! What a great match. My son and I read this book together a while ago. We’re also both fans of the Coraline movie and┬áParanorman. If there’s an animation studio that [...]

Time Out for Monsters by Jean Reidy and Robert Neubecker

I don’t have time to really give this book its due, but I want you to know that my friend Jean Reidy has a new picture book illustrated by my other pal, Robert Neubecker. This is another one of those projects I had to reluctantly leave behind when I broke out on my own. However, [...]


I was reminded by Brainpickings of this little bit of advice from Jack White, which I posted quite a while ago… …and which bears re-watching and consideration, alongside this Ira Glass… …and this bit of advice, also from Brainpickings. I am buried in work and haven’t had time to hash out a proper post, so [...]