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Time Out for Monsters by Jean Reidy and Robert Neubecker

I don’t have time to really give this book its due, but I want you to know that my friend Jean Reidy has a new picture book illustrated by my other pal, Robert Neubecker. This is another one of those projects I had to reluctantly leave behind when I broke out on my own. However, [...]

Books and Legos

Two of our favorite things! Check out the winning combination here.

Growing up with Jim Henson: A Little Something for Your Inner Child

In the past week, on three separate and unrelated occasions, I remembered particular skits from the Sesame Street of my youth. I can’t recall the context of each recollection, I just know that they occurred on separate isolated days and had nothing to do with each other. And it occurred to me that these form [...]

A refreshing perspective on picture books

Dadspin posted some refreshingly irreverent guidelines for picking children’s books earlier this week.

Maurice Sendak Interviewed by Stephen Colbert

If you haven’t seen this little ditty yet, take a look. It’s worth it. ┬áMaurice Sendak advises Stephen Colbert on how to build his celebrity picture book career. I’ll be back with more bloggy stuff soon. Here’s part 1 and part 2.