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Tomi Ungerer

Somehow I missed the fact that there is a movie forthcoming about Tomi Ungerer. Here’s a fetching Weston Woods animated version of his story The Three Robbers. And here’s a little something about his process: Tomi Ungerer is a real live wire. His perspective is not for everyone. In fact, he left the country because [...]

Lemony Snicket-a-rama

I just tweeted a link to this mini-interview in the New York Times, but that called to mind another interview with Rachel Maddow from a while ago. It’s kind of cute to see how much obvious admiration she has for good ol’ Mr. Snickett. Another interview-ette with PW: And, finally, a trailer for Who Could [...]

Robert Weinstock

There’s a great Piboidmo post by Robert Weinstock over there at Tara Lazar’s blog, Writing Picture Books….And he’s talking about bottles. Kind of like the one that housed my wedding invitation which he designed for me. He didn’t cram anyone in there, though. Don’t worry. In case you didn’t know, Robert is, like, the star [...]

Adventure Time and Frog and Toad

My favorite cartoon, Adventure Time, has ripped off my favorite early reader: Frog and Toad. The beauty of ripping off Frog and Toad is that you can’t ever truly rip it off. It’s got that certain “I don’t know what….” I could live with an infinite number of homages to Frog and Toad.

“And then….”

I was just revisiting this essential advice from Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Good Stuff. My favorite bit is the part referenced in the title. You can’t be reminded of it too much when plotting. Aim for but’s and therefore’s at the end of scenes, not “and then’s.”