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Still Writing? 15 minutes a day, 15 days in a Row. Reap the editorial discounts

Remember to tweet the number of minutes that wrote each day (try to do at least 15) with the hash tag #tamsonwestonbooks2016, and I’ll give you a discount. In the meantime, here’s a quote from EB White to inspire you: Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than a whole one. Now you’ve [...]

5 Things to Help Kill the Winter Blues and Write Children’s Books

Look at me! I’m writing! It’s been a good, solid, busy year, but I’ve been having pangs….nonblogging pangs.  Luckily, it’s about this time of year people start to resolve to stuff and commit to things. So I’m committing. And when my three-year-old post about the winter blues resurfaced, I figured it was time to get [...]

3 Reasons Not To Write a Picture Book

So you want to write a picture book!  As Tara Lazar points out in this post, so do a lot of people. As an editorial consultant, I don’t presume to tell people whether and what they should be writing. I only try to help them make their work better.  The decisions about if and what [...]

Fresh New Editing Deals for SCBWI Members!

I have two new editorial deals for SCBWI members looking to shine up their projects. 1. Send me your 40,000-70,000 word novel and I will read it, edit it and take a look at your revision for $1800. 2. Picture Book writers, there’s something for you, too! I will help you complete your full picture [...]

First Aid for Floundering Novels

Ann Jacobus at Hen and Inkblots has a great post of resources for writers in need looking for a little extra help.  Check it out. Also: (ONE MORE TIME!) Don’t forget to check out Truth and Publishing tonight at the Stonehouse. I hope to see you there!