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What Now? Moving Closer to Your Children’s Book Manuscript

Have you written today? Have you written for 7-15 days in a row? Well, congratulations. You are now on your way to completing a book. Now that you’ve got several days worth of unkempt verbiage, what do you do with it?  Well here are some ideas: Mine the gems. Look back through the last 15 [...]

2016 Writing Habit: Let’s Write Some Children’s Books!

This is my 3 day check in on your 15 day writing habit. How’s it going? Have you been writing? Are you still gearing up?  If nothing else, you should develop a habit out of this practice. If you find yourself needing a bit more help in making your daily quota, here are some resources: [...]

5 Things to Help Kill the Winter Blues and Write Children’s Books

Look at me! I’m writing! It’s been a good, solid, busy year, but I’ve been having pangs….nonblogging pangs.  Luckily, it’s about this time of year people start to resolve to stuff and commit to things. So I’m committing. And when my three-year-old post about the winter blues resurfaced, I figured it was time to get [...]

Rev Up Your Picture Book: Regain the Romance in Picture Book Revision

Are you past the honeymoon stage with your picture book? It was soooo good in the beginning, wasn’t it? You had a great idea–maybe the best idea ever. You wrote a manuscript–a really good one, you thought. You revised it, and then somewhere along the line….eh.  You stopped wanting to read it. You couldn’t bring [...]

Holiday Sale: Picture Book Edit

My pesky husband pointed out that “Holiday Sale” sounds a little more festive than “Fire Sale.”  So here it is again:  same sale, new name. I am offering just two more picture book edits for $250 a piece, or one more picture book portfolio edit, until the end of the month. If you are not [...]