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Adventure Time Gets Its Due

Here is a nice article that illuminates the genius of adventure time, one of my favorite shows on TV. It also underscores the importance of collaboration and fandom. It takes a village to make this show…or a candy kingdom, maybe.

Adventure Time: James Baxter

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly–I’ve been wicked busy, as my kinfolk in New England say. Still, I want to leave you on a happy note for the long weekend, so here it is: James Baxter.

Quiet Down: Moderating Your Narrator’s Voice

Acquiring Editors and Agents are always looking for a good voice in fiction. Now, there is a degree of subjectivity to this idea, but generally a good voice is one that you trust enough to stay with, even if the story pauses or takes an unexpected turn, and one that you enjoy listening to rattling [...]

Artemis Fowl and Breaking the Rules

My son, who is eight, and I are still in the habit of reading books together. He reads on his own, and enjoys it. But we save some books for the two of us. It’s going to be a hard habit to break–for me at least. But perhaps if I tackle it in phases I’ll [...]

Happy Halloween! A Scary Picture Book Idea

As you know, I am participating in PiBoIdMo.  And, as I do, I am going to share some ideas with you as well.  Go ahead! Take them!  I like to think there are a million more where those came from.  So, since it’s monster season, I thought I would steal an idea from Adam Rex [...]