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PIBOIDMO: Picture Book Idea Month

That’s right:  It’s almost Picture Book Idea Month again–just three days to go. You can register here.  Time kick it into gear and generate idears.  I can say that–I’m from New England.  If you come up with 30 ideas this month, you may end up with 5 solid manuscripts to submit by early spring. I [...]

Hey, Pancakes! 10 Years in Print

While I wasn’t looking, 10 years passed…. Ten years, and it’s still in print. I’m very pleased. Now, on to the next one! Check it out on IndieBound or Amazon.

First Aid for Floundering Novels

Ann Jacobus at Hen and Inkblots has a great post of resources for writers in need looking for a little extra help.  Check it out. Also: (ONE MORE TIME!) Don’t forget to check out Truth and Publishing tonight at the Stonehouse. I hope to see you there!

Truth and Publishing reminder

Don’t forget: If you happen to be in Brooklyn tomorrow at 8, go to see the Brooklyn Reading Works Truth and Publishing Panel discussion at the Old Stone House on 5th avenue and 3rd St. in Park Slope.  Agents, writers and editors (comme moi!) will share insights on the publishing village it takes to see [...]

Truth And Publishing At Brooklyn Reading Works

If you want to get a good, clear-eyed view of writing and publishing, and you happen to be in Brooklyn on Thursday evening, please stop by the Stone House in JJ Byrne Park, on 5th Avenue between 3rd and 5th street. I will be there, enjoying the company and conversation of some literary luminaries–agents, fellow [...]