What Now? Moving Closer to Your Children’s Book Manuscript

Have you written today? Have you written for 7-15 days in a row? Well, congratulations. You are now on your way to completing a book. Now that you’ve got several days worth of unkempt verbiage, what do you do with it?  Well here are some ideas:

Mine the gems. Look back through the last 15 days of writing. If you’ve just been writing for yourself, chances are you won’t have a complete book…but maybe you do! In any case, pull out the best material and put it all in a document or a folder. Mine is labeled “stars.”

Polish the stones. Take the stuff that you have that seems like it’s going somewhere and build upon it, make a draft.  Even if you just take a single line and use it as spring board.

Share it. Once you’ve got a draft of something find a trusted friend, a writing group, a teacher, a peer or me! Share it and get some feedback.

Save it for later. If nothing is striking your fancy, just tuck it in that proverbial kitchen drawer (I actually have a folder on my computer called “kitchen drawer.”)

Write some more! Keep at it.

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