The Tomi Ungerer Museum

So, before the summer hit in full force I had made a vow to myself to post more.  That hasn’t worked out and I apologize. But now I have an exciting experience to share. I got to visit the Tomi Ungerer Museum in Strasbourg. I’ve been dying to go and I was not disappointed. It’s hard to miss how profound Ungerer’s influence on children’s illustration has been.  I can’t help but wonder if Jon Klassen had his books in the back of his mind as he illustrated The Dark.

Here’s a little something from Emile. I may need to get a pet octopus now. My bathtub seems somehow incomplete.

Borrowed from Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

There are a lot of pretty dark things on display in the museum that stem from Ungerer’s experiences with war as a child. It’s pretty moving and insightful stuff. There’s also a lot of beautiful children’s book illustration, of course. Tomi Ungerer is a master of both color and line. I highly recommend visiting the museum if you’re ever near Strasbourg. And if you are never near Strasbourg, I recommend this book.  He’s such a compelling person and artist. The interview below captures a little of that.

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