New Year, New Children’s Book!: Fulfill Your Children’s Book Resolution

Isn’t  it convenient that the end of PIBOIDMO (Picture Book Idea Month) comes just a month before the New Year? That means you’re all set up to keep those resolutions to finally write that children’s book. At least, that’s the hope, right?  If you are still stuck, though, here are a few extra kicks in the pants.

1. Get Your Butt In That Chair: This is pretty straight-forward.

2. Get a Writing Buddy. You can get a whole group, and I’ve got a post on how and whether to do that, but chances are if you write, you’ve come in contact  with other writers. And if what you are looking for is incentive, you might not want to expose your nascent book to a whole slew of opinions. You just want someone to tell you to “keep going.”  Find a friend who is also looking for support and incentive. Email each other. Chat. Have Coffee. But make sure you’re writing in between.

3. Use Prompts. That’s, ideally, what the ideas you’ve collected from PIBOIDMO are. But if you didn’t participate in PIBOIDMO, or if your ideas aren’t  living up to your expectations, here are some other places to look:  Writing Prompts Tumblr, Language Is a Virus has a cool widget that generates prompts, and this McSweeney’s List by Dan Wiencek is fantastic. Some of the exercises that have been successful for me are: The Picture Book Riff, No Ideas But In Things, The Book That Jack Wrote.

4. Take  Part in a Challenge! Like this 500 Words Challenge for Instance. Successful writers like Jo Knowles have put this habit to good practice.

5. Make Lemonade. If your picture book manuscript isn’t working, turn it into a chapter book. If your male protagonist is getting you down, make him a girl.  If that chapter’s giving you trouble, set it aside and work on the next one.

And if all that fails, contact me. I’ll be your writing coach.

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